Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Jesus Christ whom strengthens me.

I wasn’t feeling my best after losing my sister just a couple week ago. I felt like the world was coming down on me. I went for a walk then wanted to go to the hospital in Coral Springs. While heading to the hospital, in Coral Springs, I reached out to the Coral Springs police in hoping I could get a ride to the Emergency Room hospital in Coral Springs. When the police officer arrived he began to ask me a couple of questions. I told the officer that I was ok and just fine actually at that present moment. I told the officer that I wanted to go to the Coral Springs Emergency Room just to make sure I was alright. The officer told me he could give me a ride there and I said ok. The officer than told me that he would have to place me in handcuffs in order to ride in the back of his police car. I couldn’t understand why he had to put on handcuffs. I wasn’t under arrest and I was very cooperative, polite, and respectful when telling the officer I was ok. The officer told me that it was just protocol with the kind of police car he had during the time, that if placed in the backseat of that car, handcuffs needed to be placed. Trusting that the police officer was doing the right thing, and was going to take me to the Coral Springs ER as I was already headed, handcuffs was placed on me and I got into the backseat of the police car. While heading towards the direction of the hospital, I noticed that where the officer was suppose to turn into the direction of the hospital, he kept going pass it. I asked the officer where were we going because to my understanding I was going to the Coral Springs ER where I informed the officer I was going in the first place and he assured to take me. The officer said that he was taking me to another hospital in Tamarac which I couldn’t understand why or have ever been to a hospital in Tamarac. The officer just kept driving while I was in the backseat handcuffed and calm. When arriving to the hospital, the officer sat parked outside the facility. He asked me what type of music did I want to listen to while in the police car. The officer began to finish up some paperwork as he put it as reason for us sitting there. I was very confused about numerous of things, one why was I at this hospital in Tamarac and two, why was the officer laughing and seeming to have an enjoyable moment while transporting me to a place I had no knowledge of or asked to go. I remained calmed through the entire interaction with the police officer.

University Hospital

I was then taken out of the car, still handcuffed, being forced into a place I originally wasn’t going, didn’t ask to go, or had knowledge of the place I was being forced into existence. When taken in I asked the officer what was this place and why was I there, he told me to relax and that everything would be ok. I was then forced to take my clothes off to then be put in a gown and hospital slippers. My items were then taken from me and placed behind the nurses station. When I ask why couldn’t I keep my belongings, the nurse said that’s how the facility operates. When in the emergency room patients are allowed to keep their belongings. That’s when I found out that I wasn’t in an emergency room. At the hospital in Coral Springs, patients are allowed to keep their belongings with them but in this case I couldn’t keep anything that belonged to me. When I asked the nurse why couldn’t I keep my belonging the nurse said that I was “Baker Act”. I didn’t understand why because I told the officer I was ok and just wanted to go to the Coral Springs Emergency Room and the officer drove me in handcuffs to the place in Tamarac. After changing my clothes one of the nurses said that I had to get an EKG of my heart. She told me I had to remove my bra so she could be able to see where the wires would go. I lift up my bra and as she looked at my breast she had an uncomfortable smile on her face as she stared at my breast. This woman wasn’t the one who performed the test that needed to be done, so why did she need to see my breast? Why was that something she needed to do?

After the test was performed, a security guard that was at the facility asked me did I need some water. The security guard at the facility seemed to be watching me more than anything or anybody in the facility while I was there. He’d walk back and forth consistently while always making sure he looked my way. While praying to Christ Jesus my savior I noticed a lot of interruptions that seemed to try to interfere, like loud conversations to throw me off. When trying to go to sleep, I would hear loud slamming of doors and loud conversations among staff.

I spoke to a doctor that asked me questions. The doctor asked me did I want to harm myself or others and I told him no. The doctor than stated he wanted to keep me under observation overnight. I was then given 2 large white pills by the nurse. When I asked the nurse what it was, she said that it was potassium and to swallow both whole. After taking the potassium I began to get really sleepy and felt like I couldn’t control my own thoughts. I kept hearing loud noises from the facility like loud doors slamming, ringing in my ears, and a whistling sound.

The nurse than informed me that I would be taken to another facility in the morning because there was no more rooms available where I was located. She said that I had to be seen at a different location. I called my husband and informed him which he then spoke with the nurse. I was then transferred to the next facility.


The police report states that my husband made it very clear that I was depressed due to my sister passing. During my questioning I was asked by a staff, white woman with blonde hair, did I have siblings. I am interested in knowing the reason of her asking me that. On the police report it was clear that I was going through a depression as clearly noted and the reasons why. She didn’t ask me did I have a husband why ask that question? Is that part of the admission questions when being baker act? I also told the nurse that I had high blood pressure and that I needed to take my medication. The nurse told me that she needed to take my pressure first to see what it was in determining whether I get my medication or not. I haven’t seen the doctor yet, but was placed in a room with two women without diagnosis. One roommate followed me around everywhere and the other tried to seduce me. I was placed in the middle of both. One of the roommates threw up multiple times and after doing so laughed about it. The other roommate hung her panties up in the bathroom. I informed the staff of how uncomfortable I was being in the room and was told there were no other rooms available for any switch outs.

When lunch was being distributed out, I couldn’t eat the food because it was extremely salty and I didn’t have my blood pressure medication. I went the entire day spent at this facility with no food or drink. This facility should have food for high blood pressure patients. I went all day without blood pressure meds was told the doctor would consult with me.

During the time spent at both hospitals, I noticed that my body would move into certain positions unknowingly to me. Feet and arms crossing into X position, pointed at head, and hands forming odd positions. One time one of the roommates who followed me everywhere while talking to me said gotcha out of nowhere and I looked down to see my arms crossed in X position. I would also hear the sound of a whistle to look down to find my thumbs crossed in a X position.

I’m interested to know the previous times and hours the doctors spent on Larkin property on Sunday’s prior to my time spent there. I’m aware that some doctors can see patients via computer screen which I signed papers for the opportunity if available, just wanting to know if the Sunday I was there, that was this suddenly not available.

To finalize my experience, when came time for me sign my discharge papers prepared by the doctor, a male nurse, on the overnight staff, latino, was the most outwardly rude employee at Larkin. I like to make sure I read paperwork before signing which is my right. The employee was rushing me as I was reading things before signing. One paper which said something about giving consent to place hold down straps on me if needed I quickly crossed out the signature to fix and he got so upset with me and said just forget it and the doctor will go over my discharge papers with me another time. I told him that I was competent to read my paperwork and sign it myself, I just have read over everything. The employee told me that I was incompetent that’s why I was baker act. I’m confused as to why this employee considers people that are under the baker act law, incompetent.