Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Jesus Christ whom strengthens me.

There are children that are taken from there homes from abuse to only go into foster care to be abused further and maybe even worse. Parents who are unable to care for their children think their children are placed in a better environment and that’s not always the case. Some foster parents could careless about the child and only care about the money that’s received getting the child. When out in the public the foster parents would pretend like everything is perfect, but behind closed doors they treat the child/children like crap. Sometimes starving them, treating them like slaves, and sadly, some children are being sexually abused. I believe that foster parent screening should be examined very closely in making sure the environment children are going to next is better. According to National Center Youth Law, 46% of children are placed with a non-relative foster home and 23% of children are placed with a relative foster home. Foster agencies should make sure that the limit of children placed in each home isn’t over what the guideline for each state. There are maximum amount differences in a household when it comes to whether it’s a single parent home or a two parent home.

It’s not all cases corrupt foster parents are taking these children in for the money, some of these adults take them for sexual abuse which is sick! Some children come out of foster care mentally worse than going in.